An Individualized Approach to Disease Prevention and Treatment




An Individualized Approach to Disease Prevention and Treatment

Integrative Cancer Therapy Program


Our hollistic approach to treat patients with cancer is based on the following:

Diagnostic Tests:

These include extensive testing to assess the patient's blood counts, liver and kidney function, vitamin and minerals, antioxidant levels, inflammation markers, tumor markers, and immune function. In addition a Chemotherpay Blood sensitivity test is available. This test is done by drawing a blood sample and sending it to a specialized lab in Europe where a list of all chempotherapeutic agents and alternative compounds that the patient's cancer is sensitive to are listed. This helps individualize the treatment protocol and achieve a better result.

Intravenous Infusions:

These infusions are ideally adminstered twice or three times weekly. They include oxygenation therapy (Ozone autohemotherapy, H2O2), High Viatmin C, Laetrile, Poly MVA, Homeopathics for liver and other organs support, Cellular therapy, Vitamins and Minerals, and Viscum album ( Mistletoe).

Nutritional Assessment:

This includes initial Delayed Food Sensitivity blood test (IgG and IgA) to identify which foods could be causing the immune system to react to and thus increasing inflammation. After that an individualized anti cancer meal plan is devised. Weekly monitoring of the plan is carried on taking into consideration the general state of the patient and his ph testing for acid-base state.

Cancer Specific Supplements:

These include many products whose anti cancer action is well researched and evidence based. Some of these products include AHCC, Avemar, Poly MVA, Immunocal, Comitris, Wobenzyme, Zeel, etc.


This is an energetic scan performed by a biofeedback specialist that helps identify the different stressors affecting the body including parasites, viruses, fungi, candida, envoirnmental toxins, heavy metals, etc. Imbalances are then corrected through the device. It also emplys special frequencies (Rife) to destroy cancer cells, and other homeopathic remedies frequencies that help improve the patient's general state.